Οργανική Αρχιτεκτονική


24.11.2009-28.11.2009Μέγαρο Μουσικής Αθηνών

Nowadays, the term “organic” is used to describe various situations. The word “organic” indicates a tendency of the 21st century, although it derives from the machine revolution of the 20th century. We use for example a phrase like “organic vegetables”, which indicates the way these vegetables were cultivated, referring to various factors in the system of nature, including the human operation. The point is neither to set a binomial dichotomy between nature and human nor to simply admire nature; but to create a concept in order to fuse nature with human operations like a big flow of circulation in relation to different factors.
Can’t the term “organic” in larger scale be a reference considering architecture and cities? Particularly the cities transcend a distinction between natural and artificial and are places where diversified factors are merged, where new images of architecture
can be discovered – and thus indeed organic.
In this workshop in Greece, we seize on the city, architecture and nature at the same time and attempt to open up a possibility of “organic” architecture, that can be a model of a new age.

Workshop contents

you have to form a 4-persons team comprising of two Greek and two Japanese students
Sou Fujimoto, Junya Ishigami.
Hellenic Institute of Architecture supervisors:
Miltos Tzitzas, Stavros Gyftopoulos, Elias Constantopoulos, Eleni Alexandrou
The site is Gazi near Acropolis. Each team has to select a survey site from this area.
Regarding the project programme and size, any proposal is welcome.
models / panels + power point
Each team decides the amount and way of the presentation material, depending on the proposal.
10 min presentation + 10 min comments for each team

Συνεργαζόμενος Φορέας
  • Πρεσβεία Ιαπωνίας
  • Αλεξάνδρου Ελένη
  • Τζιτζάς Μιλτιάδης
  • Γυφτόπουλος Σταύρος
  • Κωνσταντόπουλος Ηλίας
  • Fujimoto Sou
  • Ishigami Junya

Συνεργαζόμενος Φορέας